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Who’s your ADDIE? is a marketplace for high-quality e-learning products for every phase of the ADDIE model. Here are some ideas for product to get your shop started:

Analysis templates should assist customers with completing any analysis activity, including content or skills gap analysis, stakeholder analysis, competitor analysis, risk analysis, or even user journey mapping and user persona creation. Templates for initial research practices such as user observation and usability testing might also assist the customer with identifying which problems their new solution need to solve.

Design templates should help learning designers ideate and create excellent course outlines, storyboards, scripts, campaigns, rewards systems or any other learning-related artefacts and systems. You could also help your customers create a convincing proposal for e-learning solutions or services with the guidance of your template.

For development, you should create assets such as icon packs, SVG animations, or motion graphics assets that are relevant to e-learning media development. Storyline, Captivate and other authoring tool templates that solve a specific navigation or reporting problem, or create an excellent, beautiful learning experiences are also very important here. Also consider creating materials that could assist learning designers and learning technologists with becoming better trained in using the various authoring tools and LMSes. Keep in mind you can also sell fully developed courses on common topics that can simply be rebranded by the customer, such as health and safety content. Finally, checklists and templates that could be used for quality assurance could also assist customers with their development process.

The implementation phase requires facilitator and administrator training videos for online learning best practice for all the popular LMSes, as their own materials are usually not fit for purpose in this regard.

Finally, for the evaluation phase, you could assist your customers with ensuring they have conducted the necessary research to inform their evaluation. Here, you might want to assist them with usability testing best practices in the context of e-learning, focus group methodology and other user research approaches, as well as approaches for interpreting their learning data and transforming their insights into an actionable list of prioritised edits for the next release.

Please ensure that your products are well-tested and free of technical errors, and that you created the product yourself in your personal capacity. Good luck!

Your profits are directly linked to your sales. You earn 80% of whatever you sell. 

Let’s look at an example of a product that you created to sell for $50.

List price: $50

Who’s Your ADDIE 20% Commission: $10

Your earnings (Vendor License Fee): $40

Therefore, you will earn $40 on a sale of $50.

However, please note that your earnings will be held by Who’s your ADDIE until you make a withdrawal. Whenever you withdraw your earnings, you’ll be charged a PayPal transaction fee based on the amount withdrawn and any applicable currency conversion fees applicable.

When pricing your product, consider the value you are offering and the pricing of other products on the platform that are similar to yours. Offering the product in multiple file formats or having it compatible with multiple different software can increase the value of your product. Likewise, professionally designed cover imagery can up the value of your products.

Also remember to consider the 20% Who’s Your ADDIE commission in your product’s list price.

The platform automatically charges and collects VAT from customers who purchase products in the EU. However, if you are a VAT-registered vendor and are required to pay VAT for other purchases, factor this into your list price and ensure you follow your local laws and policies.

To upload a product, simply go to your Vendor Dashboard and select Products and then Add New Product. Fill in all the product details, listing what the product includes and all its features. 

Next, select your product price, keeping in mind commission and fees. Then, add imagery of the product as well as an appealing cover that will draw customers to your product. Ensure that you add your product and the guidelines on how to use the product as a zip file in the attachments and submit the product for review. For more information about creating a product, see our Product Guidelines page. 

Once a product has been submitted for review, it will be reviewed by our quality assurance team and be published on the site if it is approved. If it is not approved, we’ll contact you to explain why and allow you to edit the product as required.

You can withdraw your earnings from the Withdrawals page on your Vendor dashboard into your PayPal account once you have earned a minimum of $20, and once the necessary amount of time has passed. Because Customers can request refunds up to 30 days after making a purchase, your earnings from each transaction needs to remain with Who’s your ADDIE for 30 days. 

For example, if a Vendor has $500 in their account, but $200 of that $500 was raised from transactions that took place in the last 30 days, then only $300 is eligible to be withdrawn. We will usually approve your withdrawal request within 48 hours of the receiving your request, but the amount withdrawn may take up to 14 days to reflect in your account, depending on your location. Please also note that your earnings are subject to PayPal transaction fees and any currency conversion fees applicable to your location.

You need to reach a minimum of $20 before you can withdraw your earnings. You also need to wait 30 days after a sale to withdrawal the earnings from that sale.

Earnings that are eligible for withdrawal can be viewed on the Vendor Dashboard under “Withdraw”. We set this minimum to try minimise the amount of money lost on transaction fees. We recommend letting your earnings build up for a while and withdrawing them monthly or quarterly. We reserve the right to update this minimum as required.

As a Vendor, you are responsible for registering for, charging and paying any taxes that apply to you as determined by the applicable tax law, with the exception of collecting and paying VAT in an EU Member state.

You are responsible for ensuring that you set a List Price that takes any applicable VAT or Sales Tax into consideration. When a Customer is located in an EU Member State, we will charge, collect and account for VAT as determined by law, and we will charge this VAT in addition to your list price, collect the VAT on your behalf, and pay the VAT to the EU. The tax invoice will also display the VAT paid. 

For all transactions where Customers are not located in the EU, you are responsible for calculating and paying applicable taxes from the earnings you withdraw from the Platform if you are VAT-registered, but the invoice will not display the VAT. The Customer can therefore request a custom invoice from you that itemises the VAT if required.

For more information on VAT and Sales Tax, view sections 4 and 5 of our Terms and Conditions.

We promise our customers high-quality products and service, so if a customer has a technical issue with your product or is struggling to use it, please assist them as best you can. If a customer finds a technical fault with your product that you cannot rectify or you have falsely advertised your product, we will have to give them a refund which will come off of your earnings. Please familiarise yourself with our Refund Policy. While we don’t offer refunds unless necessary, we do aim to assist our customers in any way possible as they are the ones who review and recommend the products which lead to higher sales for our vendors.

As a vendor, if a customer is having any issues with your product, it is your responsibility to help them, especially if it is a technical issue they are experiencing. The better your customer support and engagement is, the better your reviews will be which will help your sales.

Customers are able to review your products to help other customers see what they thought of it. Customer reviews can be a valuable marketing tool to boost customer trust and sales. However, if you find a review that is inappropriate or goes against our rules, please flag this with us at

Regularly updating your products to account for changing trends and software updates can keep them relevant for longer and help keep their value high. To update a product, you simply go to your Vendor Dashboard and select “Products”. Find the product you would like to edit and select the edit icon. Make the necessary edits and select “Save Product”.

You own the copyright of your Product regardless of whether you register it with your local intellectual property agency, but registering your Product as your intellectual property may offer you additional protection if a dispute arises. Consult your local intellectual property agency for advice on the laws that apply in your location.

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