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Cathy Moore – Map It: The Hands-on Guide to Strategic Training Design

Map It helps you turn training requests into projects that make a real difference.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Help the client identify what’s really causing the performance problem.
  • Determine the role (if any!) of training.
  • Create realistic activities that help people practice what they need to do, not just show what they know.
  • Choose the best format for each activity — online, completed as a group, on paper, over email…
  • Provide each activity at the best time — in the workflow, available on demand, spaced over time…
  • Let people pull the information they need to complete the activity — no more information dumps!
  • Enjoy creating challenging activities that people want to complete.
  • Show how your project has improved the performance of the organization.

Learn more at https://blog.cathy-moore.com/book-map-it/