Refund Policy

We aim to ensure that Customers are satisfied with all Products purchased on Who’s your ADDIE. However, if a Product does not meet a Customer’s expectations, keep in mind that downloadable digital products cannot be returned in the same way that physical products can be returned. It is important to be sure you have selected the correct Product before you purchase it. In turn, Who’s your ADDIE requires that Vendors provide accurate and complete information about their Products.

The Who’s your ADDIE Refund policy is set and enforced by us. Vendors cannot create or set their own or additional terms. This refund policy therefore contains all regulations and processes that are applicable on Who’s your ADDIE. To view the refund policy in full, please view the Terms and Conditions page.

Products containing technical errors:

Our policy concerning refunds for Products that contain technical errors and difficulties are as set out below:

  1. We do not automatically grant refunds for perceived technical errors in digital products, as it is initially unclear whether the Product is faulty or whether the Customer is attempting to use the Product in ways not intended by the Vendor;
  2. If you are a Customer and you encounter technical errors in a Product purchased on Who’s your ADDIE, please contact the Vendor directly via their shop page for assistance;
  3. If you are a Customer who is unable to make contact with a Vendor within a reasonable time frame, or you are a Customer who is unable reach an agreement with a Vendor concerning your technical error, please contact us and we will step in to mediate;
  4. Vendors are expected to reply to Customer enquiries concerning reported technical errors within a reasonable timeframe. If we repeatedly receive complaints that a Customer is unable to reach a Vendor with a request to assist with a reported technical error, we may impose sanctions against that Vendor (see the Consequences of Breach section of these Terms), as we strive to maintain an excellent standard of service on Who’s your ADDIE.
  5. If the Vendor concludes that the reported technical error is as a result of intentional or unintentional misuse of the Product, they may forward proof of this conclusion to the Customer and Who’s your ADDIE admins to close the matter. Vendors are not required to assist Customers in making use of their functional digital products, as Customers are expected to have the skills required to make use of the product they purchased.

We generally offer refunds for the following:

Although Who’s your ADDIE reserves the right to consider mitigating and aggravating factors and make judgements on a case-by-case basis, we generally offer refunds if the Customer requests a refund within 30 days of making the purchase in question,  and the refund is requested for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. the Customer accidentally purchased two of the same product;
  2. there is a technical issue with the product that the Vendor is unable to resolve within a reasonable timeframe after the Customer contacted them, and this is confirmed by the Vendor;
  3. the product was misrepresented in that it differs significantly from the images, description or demo file associated with it. If a Customer requests a refund for this reason, Who’s your ADDIE admins will make the judgement of whether the product was objectively misrepresented by the Vendor, so as to ensure that the Customer’s subjective expectations are not in play for the decision.

We do not process refunds if:

  1. the Product was purchased 30 days or more before the request for refund was received by Who’s your ADDIE;
  2. one instance of the Product was purchased in error;
  3. the Customer no longer needs the Product;
  4. the Customer, after purchasing a Product, found a different Product they would prefer to the one they purchased;
  5. the Customer is subjectively dissatisfied with the quality of a product that was accurately represented by the Vendor;
  6. the Customer experiences internet or network issues;
  7. the Customer lacks the technical skills to make use of the product or understand what they purchased;
  8. the Customer claims that a product has technical errors, but this claim is disproved by the Vendor.


If you are unhappy with the service you have received from a Vendor or with the quality of a Product you have purchased on Who’s your ADDIE, we encourage you to leave a review on the Product’s product page, so that other Customers can be informed of your experience. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and creating a community of expert Vendors, so we greatly appreciate your feedback.


If you have read through the Refund policy and are unable to reach an agreement with the Vendor that adheres to these Terms, please contact us and we will assist with resolving the dispute. Please note that Who’s your ADDIE reserves the right to make the final judgment on all refund disputes.