E-Learning Data Strategy Template | Corporate

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This template helps corporate training managers to measure and prove the value of their learning interventions.

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E-Learning Data Strategy Template | Corporate
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This e-learning data strategy template is particularly useful in corporate e-learning contexts. Its purpose is to assist training managers to measure and prove the value of their work, and justify the budget required for training development and rollout. Use this template to outline the e-learning data collection strategy for a particular training programme, e-learning product line or other learning intervention.

Having a clear data strategy in place before starting the implementation of a learning intervention is important, because it ensures that all stakeholders develops a shared understanding of what constitutes success, and agree on how that success will be measured. This document also outlines in simple language some common methods for collecting e-learning data, to ensure that the reader is empowered to have conversations about analytics with their tech or data department about putting the necessary infrastructure in place. This data strategy and its successful rollout will also provide meaningful insights that can be used to identify and prioritise the changes that need to be made in the evaluation of the programme, and assist with securing the budget for the evaluation phase.

This template contains:

  1. An introduction to setting measurable, SMART objectives for a learning intervention,
  2. An introduction to key learning systems and data concepts, such as LMS, SCORM and EIS, NPS, and how they could be of use to you,
  3. A template table containing the seven important levels of learning engagement, their commonly associated measures, as well as possible e-learning data sources that can be used to collect data on these measures,
  4. Recommendations on next steps.

The user of this document will transform its contents to be relevant to their own context, but the document provides guidance on how to complete this process. Note that this is not a template for a report on a presentation, but a tool to help the user to determine what should be measured, why, and how. This template should therefore be completed and reviewed by all stakeholders before the implementation of the learning programme takes place, as this planning will ensure that the correct infrastructure is put in place to collect the data during the training.

This template is available in .docx format, and is intended for use in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Open Office.