Clean, versatile course template


Clean, modern and easily customisable Storyline template with a variety of interactions and slide types. Simply change the highlight colour and add your custom logo, text and photos to create your brand-specific and engaging learning course.

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Clean, versatile course template

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Clean, versatile course template

This 16:9 course template contains 23 different slides to choose from and is perfect for beginners. Minimal customisation is needed to slot in your information, branding and hook up the menu.

Slide types include:

  • Cover
  • 3 x text and image variations
  • 3 x text and highlight info/quote
  • 2 x clickable cards with images
  • 4 x tab variations with images
  • 3 x clickable carousels with images
  • 2 x clickable hotspots
  • Quiz introduction and results
  • Multiple choice question
  • Select an image question
  • Drag and drop question